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Get a home buyer rebate equaling 30% of our commission!

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Today finding a house is much different than it was just 10 years ago. It is much easier for a buyer to find a house now with the many real estate websites, a public MLS site, automatic emails for new listings, virtual tours, open houses, etc. Today, many buyers do much of the searching and looking themselves instead of relying on just Realtor help. Why not  be rewarded for your efforts ? After all you are doing most of the search work right?

This is a win-win situation!

 If you have already found a house you want to buy through an open house but need someone to write the offer and represent you as a "buyers agent" to look out for your best interest AND get a very nice rebate in the process totaling 30% of our commission, then take a look at this program!

The listing agent of the open house already represents the seller as a "sellers agent" and at best can only be a dual agent representing both parties. The buyer has a right to have their own best interests looked out for by a "buyers agent or Single Agent". Why not have a experienced broker negotiate for you in your best interest and get a substantial amount of money back in the process?

Commission rebates are 100% legal in Florida as long as it will disclose to seller and buyer and shows the total paid in the closing statement HUD1.


* You must pre registrar with us to receive your certificate of eligibility.

* This program was designedfor home buyers who are not working with an agent, including Florida Choice Real Estate,but who are looking on their own, primarily by going through open houses or virtual tours online.

* If you have viewed a house on your own that you like and are ready to write an offer, you can save some big money by going through Florida Choice Real Estate's Home Buyer Open House Rebate Program.

* If you are not working with an agent, then you qualify for the rebate. We have high professional standards & ethics that we follow and are not looking to take other Realtor's clients. This offer is not valid on any home that was previously shown to you by another Realtor on a set up appointment except openhouses. Viewing open houses is ok since the listing agent represents the seller anyways. It is recommended to mention to the open house agent you are working with Florida Choice Real Estate as your buyer agent.

* Clients who Florida Choice Real Estate has already shown houses to by apt. within the last 12 months are not eligible.

* Minimum sale price is $150,000.

* Not valid on Florida Choice Real Estate own listings.

* Not valid on new homes if you haven registrar with us
(new construction).

* Florida Choice Real Estate will provide you with new listings via automatic emails if needed.

* Florida Choice Real Estate will provide you comparable sales info (CMA) to help you determine your offer price.

* Florida Choice Real Estate  will write, present and negotiate the best possible offer for you using our
22 years experience.

* Florida Choice Real Estate will accompany you on all inspections after acceptance.
(Home/engineers inspection, final walk through, etc.)

* Florida Choice Real Estate will assist with the bank application, attorney approvals and follow up till closing if needed.

* Florida Choice Real Estate will act as a "Single Agent" in representing your best interests in the transaction.

we will not be physically showing you the house under this plan. You will have already seen it at an open house. So if you don't mind doing the looking online and then going through open houses, etc., you can put a nice chunk of money (30% of our selling commission) into your pocket when we get paid after closing.

Examples based on a typical 3% selling commission to selling broker Florida Choice RE

$150,000 house x 3% commission = $4,500 selling commission x 30% = $1,350 cash back to you!

You buy a $150,000 house.....get $1,350 cash back.
You buy a $175,000 house.....get $1,575 cash back!
You buy a $200,000 house.....get $1,800 cash back!
You buy a $250,000 house.....get $2,250 cash back!
You buy a $300,000 house.....get $2,700 cash back!

That's 30% of the commission we receive as selling broker, we rebate back to the buyer!

Remember we do not physically show you the house before your offer but will write and get your offer accepted as well accompany you on all inspections after acceptance.

 If the house you are interested in is listed in the MLS, you will need a buyer’s agent anyways to put the offer in. You might as well use our rebate program and get something for it or you are leaving a lot of money behind plus you are getting good buyer representation.

Save the money or use towards a new TV, nice furniture, a cruise or a dream vacation at Disney, a college education or use the cash for the house purchase 

If you are going buy the house anyways, you might as well get something for it.
It doesn't make sense not to.

How can we do this you ask? It's simple, today many buyers find their houses online (some with virtual tours), and through open houses every weekend. Most buyers do research on their own. If we don't have to spend our time and gas driving all over town showing houses, we can pass the saving on to you! Today's technology is changing the real estate market and we are embracing it. We are continuing to pioneer new ways to save money for buyers and sellers alike.

It is recommended but not required to call/email ahead for a list of open houses and to touch base with us. You must mention "REBATE CODE 11" at first contact to be eligible. No exceptions.

Buyer Open House Rebates available in All My Florida Regional MLS.  VIEW OPEN HOUSE HOMES IN YOUR AREA HERE

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