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Earn 1% Rebate When You Buy a New Home Through Us!

The Buyer’s agent commission does not change the price in any way. Federal law dictates that fees paid to a real estate company cannot affect the purchase price of your new home. This rebate does not interfere in any way with any incentive the Builder is offering. This rebate is given IN ADDITION to any Builder incentives!
Today finding a house is much different than it was just 10 years ago. It is much easier for a buyer to find a house now with the many real estate websites, a public MLS site, automatic emails for new listings, virtual tours, open houses, etc. Today, many buyers do much of the searching and looking themselves instead of relying on just Realtor help. Why not  be rewarded for your efforts ? After all you are doing most of the search work right?

This is a win-win situation!

Commission rebates are 100% legal in Florida as long as it will disclose to seller and buyer and shows the total paid in the closing statement HUD1.


* You must registrar with us below to receive your 1% Rebate certificate of eligibility.

If you are going buy the house anyways, you might as well get something for it.
It doesn't make sense not to.

How can we do this you ask? It's simple, today many buyers find their houses online (some with virtual tours) Most buyers do research on their own. If we don't have to spend our time and gas driving all over town showing houses, we can pass the saving on to you! Today's technology is changing the real estate market and we are embracing it. We are continuing to pioneer new ways to save money for buyers and sellers alike.